Revenge of the Aberrations

After clearing out the cave and returning to town, a 1/2 orc female, if you can call them female still, informed us that there is a messenger en route to the cave we just cleared out. How she knew of this, w didn’t bother to ask. All we knew was that whoever sent the messenger must not know what had happened at the cave until we are able to stop them! We head back to the cave to setup an ambush. Oris and Thagnar decide to put on the clothing the cave guards had been wearing, while myself and Tawar, the 1/2 orc femle, decided to take the posts in the trees. 1 dolgrim approached on each side of the cave, 2 in total, and 1 dolgaunt came through the forest path. We quickly put an end to them.

Tawar then informs us of a tower where she had been held at previously. The tower overlooks the Aberrant Scar. We decide to head to this tower to put an end to this cult once and for all! We had to go through some swamp land and lost our bearings multiple time, but in the end, came to a clearing. It was there that we were attacked by 2 vine horrors that surprised us. It was a tough battle, but we overcame in the end.

We finally reach the tower only to discover that we can’t get through the gate. We decided to go through another entrance that would lead into the tower. We enter into an area that has a vicious trap with blades that pop out of almost everywhere. Unfortnately, I got hit with one of these blades and they definitely hurt pretty badly! We all eventually make it past the trap only to come upon a door with eyes set upon it and the handles were designedto be like eyelids, talk about a really messed up cult! Upon enetering this room, we areattacked by 2 dolgrims that re kneeling in a circle with some strange writing in it. I entered into the circle to attack my foes and realised that dark energies envelop this circle and damaged my life energies! Whee this energy injured us, it healed the dolgrims. I kept using an ability I had learned from my master to keep pulling them out of the circle and we eventually killed them. We then decided to take a short rest in here before continuing on.

We enter into a corridor that has spears come out as you step in the wrong place. I already really hate this place! We came to aroom that was guarded by 2 more dolgrims and another circle and we defeated them and found a key that opened another door that led to a room with a chest in it and…yet another trap! At this point I really wish we had someone that could find/disarm these damned traps! This trap activated some sort of crossbow turrets that kept shooting at us until we finally destroyed them. We decided we needed to rest up to heal our wounds before continuing on. Unfortunately our rest was interrupted first by a dolgaunt and then interrupted again by 2 dolgrims. I really am tired and crabby and all I want is to destroy these damned aberrants!

We eventually enter into a room where a warforged was chained to a table of sorts with glowing letters that appeared to be draining his life energies. In this room are some damned cultists, a human warlock, a dolgaunt, and 2 of these other aberrations that resembled apes. It was a very long and hard fought battle. The warlock kept getting revived after hits that should’ve kille him because he was in another one of these circles. We massacered the cultists, foolish cultists should learn there place and just die! The dolgaunt was very tough. He attacked Tawar and was able to slide her down a gap in this stairwell that leads own. The impact killed her outright! Thagnar got tired of the warlock reviving himself and went and grabbed the warlock while he was still unconcious and threw him into the pit as well. I finished releasing the warforged from the chains and gave him a magical greataxe that we had been carrying for sometime. But, it was too late as yet another one of my comrades was attacked by this cursed dolgaunt and Thagnar was pushed over the edge of the pit as well by the dolgaunt! So ended the very strange life of a good comrade, h will be missed as well. At this point, my rage took hold and my desire for utter retribution took hold. 1st we took out one of the ape-like aberrations and then we turned our attention to kill off the dolgaunt, which we destroyed him! We finished off by killing the last of the ape-like aberrations. My anger had sweeled and so I decided to cut off the hea of the dolgaunt and keep it as a trophy for what it had doen to my comrades!

Death Strikes

We continued down deeper into the cave system. We came across an area that seemed to suck out the essence of any light source. This inky blackness came out of nowhere and attacked Kolathis. I discovered that attacks infused with the power of the Silver Flame did moe damage to the creature. We eventually took the creature down, but it had done a significant amout of necrotic damage to us.

After killing the inky blak creature, we continued on and came across a floor that was made of flesh. I stepped in and was ambushed by more of those multi headed, multi armed freaks and another dolgaunt. To make matters worse, the floor has many mouths and tries to take a bite out of any of us that pass near them. We manage to defeat the three, multi headed things and the dolgaunt but we had taken amajo beating in the process. We should’ve rested up at this poin, but we decide to go on. Why, why do we decide to do this for the agony that we would meet in the next room!

In the next room, we see yet another dolgaunt and more of the cultists, the leader of the town and another roguish individual like we had met outside. The dolgaunt had the body of Cletus held up in his arms and threatene to kill him if we came in, but we decidd to enter to stop this evil. And true to his word, the dolgaunt broke the body of Cletus. So ende the life of Cletus the Coward. He probably didn’t even put up a fight and surrendered to them. My hatred of the dolgaunts had reached a new level at this point and I straightaway attacked the creature, but kept getting hit by the cultists, even on their deat throws, they’d lash out again and again with no regard for themselves. Eventually the dolgaunt fell. I then attacked the rogueish type and eventually he died as well. The town leader kept attacking kolathis and they went toe to toe and kolathis got knocked down a couple of times and I rushed to help him out while being quite injured. Then the leader knocked Kolathis down again and heturned his sights on Oris. I knew Oris couldn’t stand toe to toe with him, so I changed places with the leader and put myself in front of Oris. We eventually killed the town leader and with his final act, he knocked myself and Kolathis out. That was all I could remember until I was revived, only to learn that Kolathis had die from his wounds! Kolathis was a good comgrade and an excellent fighter! He will surely be missed!

When I awoke I found out that Oris and Thagnar gone into the room where the cultists where comming from. They had discovered some sigils floating in the air and had deduced that to stop the flow of cultists, they had to move the sigils around. Eventually they both succeeded in doing so. The remaing people in the coffins became normal people again. We exited the caverns to a heroes welcome!

I HATE being psychically attacked!!!

We continued going down the river slowly, day by day. I grow impatient with the need to kill. Every now and then, I look at Cletus and imagine the many ways I could end his pathetic life. I also wonder about Thagnar and keep a watch on him. I feel as if any day now, he’s going to snap, especially with his talking to his “spirit animal”. If he goes off somewhere and he starts having sex with it, I will have to put him down! I guss with him being into cats, that’s why he doesn’t care too much for Cletus.

We finally came upon a sorry excuse for a town and are “greeted” by an orc with a warning to just keep going on. Unfortunately, Thagnar’s “spirit animal” decided that we need to be here. Now comes the question of WHY ARE WE LISTENING TO A SPIRIT ANIMAL IN THE FIRST PLACE??? But to keep Thagnar on my good side so if he does go psycho, he thinks I’m a friend until I kill him, I decide to be nice to the orc and try a diplomatic approach. As I make nice with the orc, my mind thinks of the many ways I can slice and dice him and send him to whatever piss ant deity he worships. We are able to gather some information about what’s going on in this town and I also notice some Khyber priest/worshipper/whatever and before I could catch up to him and “interrogate” him, he disappeared.

Oris gets figures something out and we all follow him down this path until we come to a cave entrance that’s being guarded by two orcs. As Kolathis and I get closer, as I plan to strike fear in their pitiful heart and make them run in terror, they decided to attack. But to make it more interesting, some stupid roguish typeguys decided to try and ambush and throw measely daggers at us. Me and Kolathis manage to take out the orcs and eventually take out the feeble rogue types, and then suddenly something crawls out of one of the orcs. It’s some disgusting abberation and Kolathis decides to follow it, now why we’re following someone with little intellect, is mind boggling, but I follow to make sure nothing tragic happens to the meat shield. We follow this thing for a while and it leads us…yup you guessed it NOWHERE! So we decided to impale the thing to keep it out of trouble since we aren’t able to kill it.

We head back to the cave and proceed to go inside. We make our way down, down, down into the cave. Eventually we come across an area with red light and upon trying to figue out what the lights say, I’m mentally attacked! I’ve never felt an attack like this before, but have heard of persons with the ability to attack things with their thoughts. Damned psyonics!!! We eventually make our way to this room where there are cultists, an orc, a dolgaunt, and this huge eye. The eye thing really didn’t like e and I absolutely hated it and could think of nothing better than to kill it! I was ineffective due to this stupid eye as it kept blastng me with psychic energies and to make matters worse, so did the stupid dolgaunt. I now have a new hatred, those that wield psychic energies shall all die from my blade! But anyway, we eventually kill them all off, the cultists were the easiest for us to kill off. After killing the eye, we came across some sort of well that was guarded by four aberattions, but they have two minds each and start to assault on Kolathis. We eventualy do what we do best and slaughter them. So much fun striking out at an opponent and watching their blood drip down my falchion with each hit and the blood flying all over the place, but I digress. After killing them, we decided to rest up here for a little bit.

More Time Down Da Bloody River

Aye the filth of this blasted river and the swamp sickens me. The others blab on and on that it simply numbs da mind. It takes me back to a childhood working the Dwarven mines. I remember so many discarded human children needing hugs and talking over and over, whimpering and crying when none given. Always talking and talking. No wonder dwarves and elves look down upon them, they’re pathetic attempts to conquer the world stems from their inner weakness. Or is it a hidden strength?

Dammit it!!! My mind wonders off to such idiotic musings, must keep pushing boat with big stick.

Finally!!!! a village appears and all is well.

But no, the villagers are pathetic. Warning of danger and the blasted shamans’ spirit beast appears. By Dol Dorn’s mighty Axe, these are bad signs.

I tire of this swamp and simply wish to gather food and wash, but these weak pathetic humans, orcs, and half-orcs wish to stand in my way, fools I AM THE MOUNTAIN. I move rarely, and when I do, it is a fury of an avalance that cannot be stopped!!

I stare them down, but I gain no pleasure in slaughtering simple swamp folk. So I walk off to tend my own hutt to rest.

Ahh yes… By the Goblins Goat, we have a battle!!!! Foolsih orcs and humans, but wait, tentacles and the cults of the Khyber here!!! Disgusting orc with a tentacle tongue that walks on it own, by the Dragons foul Dung!!! This should not be!!!!

Into the cave we go, deeper and deeper more fouls creatures with eyes upon eyes, madness at every turn, but we go on, more tentacles, khyber cults, dolgaunts, and large eyes, battles for life, limb, and mind. These caves are mad indeed, truly twisting one inside out…... i l i k e b l u e . . . . . .

KO-LATHIS First Meeting
Ramblings of a Mountain

By the unholy crack of a Demon’s arse, I tell ya being beaten by some human paladin of some bloody flame, my mentor, Ian IronBalls, would of had my StoneBalls crushed by his Mighty Dwarven WArHammer for sure. So into slavery I go again, but this time I am ready, for now I have the patience and endurance, from my Dwarven BattleRager training, to keep my mind and body steady to strike when ready.

By the goblings’ goat, I would like to choke these foolish prisoners I am stuck with, instead of focusing on our problems at hand, they only wish to punish their cowardly shifter comrade. Poor shifter, they do not understand how shifters to this day still fear the church of the silver flame for the atrocities done to them. Fortunately, there is a deva in a cell, well at least one with his head intact, that gleams with wisdom, intellect, and their unnatural calm that seems to scream silence.

At last we are freed!!! But if only the fools spent more time trying to get off the boat rather than trying to kill the poor sailors on this ship. The shaman has gone mad and the avenger shouts more curses than an ork woman in heat.

By the frozen balls of a frostgiant, we actually survive the bloody black dragon and the insane elemental to sail down into some forest. I am rather uncomfortable, give me the cold mountains or a filthy tavern with strong mead anyday.

Yes, orks to kill, damn swamp orks with their strange magics and stranger shaman. At least ork killing is a fun past time to beat the boredom of the damn river. As my mentor, Ian IronBalls, used to say, better to bash an ork, skewer a goblin, behead a hobgoblin, and disembowel a drugar, than listen to ones’ thoughts. Such true words…..

Week 3ish

So we were all sitting around the inn in Greenblade, when my past finally caught up to me. In walked a scion paladin of the Silver Flame and two of my former mentor’s trainees and a couple of guards to bring me to justice, but it would appear that this is not so, for they wanted to bring in the rest of my comrades as well. The paladin had asked me how I plead to the charges of killing my mentor, of which I responded that I wasn’t guilty of such. He and his comrades then set upon to attack us. We were quickly able to take out the petty guards that he had brought with him and we were abl to take out the 2 former trainees of my mentor, but the paladin was able to revive them. If the paladin hadn’t been there, we would’ve made quick work out of the attackers, but unfortuntely they kept knocking out Thagnar, almost knocked out Oris, and knocked out Darshan, and myself. While I was laying there drifting in and out of unconciousness, I heard the sickening thud as the paladin murdered my good friend Darshan! That bastard! I will slay him the next time our paths meet! And of course, the shifter showed his true colors, the colors of a coward as he lay there as one by one we were knocked unconcious!

We awoke on an airship as prisoners of the paladin and his cohorts, they had even managed to kidnap a goliath named Kormanthis. We were eventually awakened by an attack on the airship by a black dragon! We made our escape and located our gear. I found an awesome falchion and long to separate the paladin’s neck from his shoulders with it. I grabbed Darshan’s gear, as he had willed it to me. I miss the years of friendship that he and I had! I will avenge his death! We eventaully make it to the upper deck of the airship, while the rest of the group were being knocked about, I was able to maneuver easily to one of the lifeboats. Thagnar went completely psychotic and started to slaughter the deckhands, but perhaps he saved them a more gueling death as the ship plummeted to the ground. One of the sailors did manage to escape with us and we guided the boats south toward the marhses and towards what appeared to be a river. I’m unsure if the paladin survived the crash and am assuming that he did, I hope he did!

We eventually landed and made our way through difficult terrain and to the river we saw and decided to take the boats downstream. We were ambushed by a group of orcs and I was nearly killed but hanks to the healing abilities of Thagnar, I didn’t meetthe end of my travels. Thagnar must’ve still had some pent up hatred toward the seamen as he slaughtered the last survivor. We killed off the orc raiding party and made camp for the night.

Week 2

I decided to stay behind in town to try and figure out the meaning of my master’s last words while the rest of the group went to go and help the townspeople of Greenblade from petty bandits. Who cares about petty bandits when you’re on a mission from god! I decided that just trying to look around and investigate wasn’t leading me anywhere and so I deided to ask te leader of the town if he had heard anything. Why should I have bothered asking a stupid dog anything, I would’ve gotten a better answer from a sheep! They had no worthwhile information and said the gem was nothing but myth.

I then decided I should go and help out my comrades, especially the worthless ranger since he really hasn’t been effective in combat, they might need my strong sword arm. The leader sends Jack, another shifter dog with me to help me track my comrades. We eventually come upon a keep after a long journey and find dead bodies strewn all over the place, surprisingly the shifter ranger or the strange druid are not among the dead. I decided it was best to move as quietly as I can and to dart in and out of the shadows lest I come across something that was able to kill them all off. Suddenly, I heard the din of battle. I crept along the wall to see the shifter standing at the rear, being ineffective as usual, but not the rest of the party. I decided to abandon being stealthy and move into the combat, but I would have to somehow get through areas where the goblins were to be able to attack them. I then run, bounce off a wall, tuck and roll, do a hand spring jump over one goblin, then kick off the wall to land behind the other goblin to help out Darshan, since he somehow was in the middle of being attacked by filthy goblins. Once again, I saved his butt, something which I have gotten quite used to. Darshan also warned me of a creature called a bugbear that I guess was their leader. I call upon the Silver Flame to guide Darshan’s attack on the goblin in front of me to kill it quickly and then I head off in pursuit of the bugbear. Eventually Thagnar catches up to me and all I hear from him is you killed my bear. I guess the bugbear had killed his pet bear. I think I can make a worthy avenger out of him yet! We give chase to the pitiful creature only to find that Jack had killed him by the entranceway. We then meet up with the rest of the group and continue exploring the towers.

We came to a doorway and Cletus, with his dog like hearin was able to hear voices from behind the door. He and I decide to make our way into the room stealthily to figue out a plan. Finally Cletus is becomming useful for a change! Maybe under my guidance, I can help him become more useful and intelligent, instead of the simpleton he is…maybe. We eventually make our way up the stairs and we start to formulate a plan, when Darshan and Thagnar suddenly decide to enter the room and cause enough commotion to stir the 3 humans that were plaing cards at the table. Me and Cletus acted quickly and teamed up on the leader of the humans, a person wearing chainmail. I swore my oath of enmity upon him and we quickly dispatched him and then we killed off the other two worthless adversaries. I was hoping for more of a challenge from the guy in the chainmail, unfortunately I was quite unimpressed with him. We then went through the rest of the towers, finding nothing until we came to a set of doors in the courtyard. When we opened the doors, some stupid wizard affected myself, Thagnar, and Darshan with some sort of spell that dazed us. I eventually shook it off, but not before Darshan slew the human with the chainmail and a halberd. We quickly mopped up the other two humans and the cowardly wizard asked us to spare his life. I then threatened this pathetic piece of crap into revealing where they had hid their ill gotten loot and he also told us of where he had other items as well, if we would spare his life. Thankfully Darshan decided to bring him in for justice. I would’ve just killed him right there a he stood as just punishment, but Darshan likes to uphold laws and what-not. Sometimes laws need to be bent to make things right and especially when the only real laws and edicts come from the Silver Flame! Everything else is just mortal law and can be circumvented if the need arises. But back to the subject at hand, I think I literally scared the shit out of the wizard for I smelled the smell of shit and urine. Job well done on my part! We then headed back to the town with a car load of the town’s stuff and the wizard and turn them over to the mayor of the town. I wanted to show them how to really get vengeance on the wizard by using torture, but Darshan brought up a good point in why should I teach these dogs a new trick.

Week 2
Psalms of the Silver Flame

Darshan 1:0 Harsh is thy land of eberron. Stricken I am of disease by vermin. May the Glory of the Silver Flame bestow upon me mercy from my ailment. Praise be thy Flame.

Darshan 1:1 To town we finally arrive, but ho do I feel the disease run its evil tendrils throughout my weakened flesh. At this town our shifter comrade, Cletus, fulfulls some of his duties, as shifters go I trust this one, why? I do not know, but by the Flame I tell you he is an honorable and just one, possibly, the very few out of soo many that are soo wrong. But I digress, We end in this town for now and rest. Praise be thy Flame.

Darshan 1:2 Little is known of the gem, my good comrade, Quentin, is dedicated in his duty, but must learn patience, but when one such as I that never dies, what is time? A human life flickers as a candle and then it is forever gone, as no two flames are alike. The locals are disturbed, good townsfolks are leaving due to banditry, lawlessness, and old fashioned unknown beasties howling in the night. It is my duty, NO MY SWORN DUTY TO BRING LAW TO THIS TOWN. So off we go to the shifter farm. Praise be thy Flame.

Darshan 1:3 At this farm I investigated using the lastest advancements in evidence gathering as taught to my by Master Inquisitives’ within House Medani, but to no avail, simply tracks that lead out into the forest, and so we travel on and on and on. I finally break this fever with the aid of the heathen shaman, I like this shaman, thagnar, he is a good man, though misguided in praying to simple spirits compared to the biblical power of the Silver Flame, quenching evil wherever it is found, but to each his own. and so we go… Praise be thy Flame.

Darshan 1:4 Tricked the foolish and greedy bandits within the first tower and at the gate by simply using their own greed against them, evil is soo foolish. We travel on and on slaughtering what we find, from humans to goblins and bugbears, surprisingly, for a fellowship of varied philosophies, race, and powers, we surprisingly work well. Praise be thy Flame.

Darshan 1:5 Finally to the end, the last remnant. A human warrior with a halbard and his wizard comrade foolishly face us. They are mightly dispatched. The foolish wizard chose to surrender instead of falling upon Quentins’ blade, as I said before, I SHALL BRING LAW!!! and so the bandit wizard was hung by the neck until dead—So is the LAW!!! Prais

Cletis’s Summary from week 2

After an extended rest, Targus called Cletis in for a short talk. “On this successful mission I will grant you three days to do as you please before you have to report back to me,” Targus said. A short time later Cletis headed to the tavern to see what the others were up too. Upon talking to everyone, a wounded farmer hobbles in and clasped to the floor. Within seconds the man was surrounded with wondering eyes asking him what happened. The farmer whispers, “These bandits ran-sacked my farmer and I ran as fast as I can to run over here to see if there was anyone that can help.” An out roar of angry townsfolk began to gear up and begin to head down to the farmer. Suddenly with no hesitation, Darshan spoke out with words of encouragement and said “let the more experience track down these evil bandits.” After a few moments the angry townsfolk calmed down and let Thagnar, Darshan, and the Cletis, look into this problem.

We made our way to the farm and investigated the area. With the discovery of tracks, we began to follow them. Six hours later, we came upon a tower. With discussion, the best way to enter was through the front. Once we approached the door a voice asked “who goes there”, with quick thinking Darshan said we are lonely travelers looking for food and water. After agreeing to pay money for the food the doors opened. When we enter the tower there was two guys with chainmail and two guys with leather armor standing there. One asked for the gold up front and the fight was on. With a few rounds of battle we were able to kill them. Then we continued on exploring the tower until we came to this corridor with three doors. The first one down the corridor was Cletis followed closely by Thagnar and Darshan, as soon as we walked a few feet down the corridor a snarling Bugbear stepped out of the farthest door.

the bugbear with his glaring eyes started towards Cletis and with the longbow in hands he decided to fight with melee weapons, so with no hesitation Cletis dropped his bow and unsheathed his two weapons. With the party’s great melee and range expertise the Bugbear was shaken. To our surprise three goblins came out of the door beside us and started to attack. A few rounds passed and the Bugbear is so injured that he runs out the door from which he entered. With his short absents, Quentin enters the fight easily we defeat these weak goblins. Then Quentin and Thangar run after the Bugbear only to find him lying dead beneath our guide’s feet. After searching we head out, shortly after that we approach a wizard and a human wielding a halberd. Within moments, we defeated the human and the wizard surrendered.

Week 1
Campaign blog

Week 1:


Sergio = Quentin, Human Avenger of the Silver Flame

Scott = Cletis, Shifter Ranger

Tom = Thagnar, Human Shaman

Angel = Darshan, Deva Cleric of the Silver Flame


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