The sky is falling, th sky is falling...oh wait it's a tower

We go to this ceremony that the captain from House Deneith invited us to. Before the ceremony can even begin, a grey mist starts to orm in the room below our balcony and a mourning haunt demon appears and starts attacking the people. I decide to jump off the balcony and roll to end up next to this vile creature before he can slaughter anymore people. This creature is quite tough since it can turn away your hit and return it with a hit of his own and disappear and reappear elsewhere. Me and 4 eventually defeatthis creature. The captain tasks us to find out more information about it. I remembered hearing that this kind of demon is summoned and the summoner has to be nearby.

We head to the university to find out more information, but were unable to glean anymore. So, we return to where we started and start asking question and find ourselves going lower and lower into the dregs of Scarn. I try and intimidate one of the denizens and we ended up getting attacked by a small group of humans. We defeated them eventually and proceeded further down. We eventually learn that the person we’re looking for was heading to this tower. So we start to head there and some halflings tell us tha the way to get to the tower is by using this lift. We hop into this lift and are attacked by some halfling rogues wanting to take our coin. Me and 4 attacked them as well. They were no match and were dispatched quickly. between the battle with the halflings and the battle with the humans, me and 4 are pretty spent and decide to rest up at an inn. This ended up being a very bad idea as we were woken up with the sounds of an arthquake. We wuickly get ready and find that the source is the tower we were heading to. We enter into the tower and we end up being attacked by these creatures guardingtheentrance and some goblins and a half orc. During the battle, the ceiling started falling apart pice by piece and occasionally killing our enemies. We searched around until it wasn’t safe to do so, unable to find anything. We ran outside to watch in horror as the tower came tumbling down. Once the dust cleared, we saw the results of the destruction. The 3 towers were completely gone, lots of dead people, and the College of Wizardry was gone, which we don’t know the fate of the dragonshards that e had brought there to be looked at. Also missing is Oris. Had we not needed to take that rest, we could’ve possibly prevented this catastrophe or if Oris had gone with us, it could’ve been avoided. But unfortunately, fate threw us a curve and now we stand there in shock and awe at what has transpired.



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