The Reports of 4

Report 1:

My mind is a haze, pain, voices, then suddenly awareness. I’m chained to some sort device dark energies holding me in place. A group of adventures are trying to rescue me from my captivity, a brave 1/2 ork female is freeing my arms, while the rest of the group attack the cult of the Eye. As the battle continues I finally get free, and just in time for the 1/2 ork and another have been damaged beyond repair, now its time for these things to pay. With my powers back and my axe in hand i wade into battle. The two left standing are worshipers of the silver flame so I don’t worry about them turning on me, (Yet). Together we finally finish off the foul creatures that captured me. These adventurers are nice, I think I will stay with them, maybe they can help me find my squad.



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