Revenge of the Aberrations

After clearing out the cave and returning to town, a 1/2 orc female, if you can call them female still, informed us that there is a messenger en route to the cave we just cleared out. How she knew of this, w didn’t bother to ask. All we knew was that whoever sent the messenger must not know what had happened at the cave until we are able to stop them! We head back to the cave to setup an ambush. Oris and Thagnar decide to put on the clothing the cave guards had been wearing, while myself and Tawar, the 1/2 orc femle, decided to take the posts in the trees. 1 dolgrim approached on each side of the cave, 2 in total, and 1 dolgaunt came through the forest path. We quickly put an end to them.

Tawar then informs us of a tower where she had been held at previously. The tower overlooks the Aberrant Scar. We decide to head to this tower to put an end to this cult once and for all! We had to go through some swamp land and lost our bearings multiple time, but in the end, came to a clearing. It was there that we were attacked by 2 vine horrors that surprised us. It was a tough battle, but we overcame in the end.

We finally reach the tower only to discover that we can’t get through the gate. We decided to go through another entrance that would lead into the tower. We enter into an area that has a vicious trap with blades that pop out of almost everywhere. Unfortnately, I got hit with one of these blades and they definitely hurt pretty badly! We all eventually make it past the trap only to come upon a door with eyes set upon it and the handles were designedto be like eyelids, talk about a really messed up cult! Upon enetering this room, we areattacked by 2 dolgrims that re kneeling in a circle with some strange writing in it. I entered into the circle to attack my foes and realised that dark energies envelop this circle and damaged my life energies! Whee this energy injured us, it healed the dolgrims. I kept using an ability I had learned from my master to keep pulling them out of the circle and we eventually killed them. We then decided to take a short rest in here before continuing on.

We enter into a corridor that has spears come out as you step in the wrong place. I already really hate this place! We came to aroom that was guarded by 2 more dolgrims and another circle and we defeated them and found a key that opened another door that led to a room with a chest in it and…yet another trap! At this point I really wish we had someone that could find/disarm these damned traps! This trap activated some sort of crossbow turrets that kept shooting at us until we finally destroyed them. We decided we needed to rest up to heal our wounds before continuing on. Unfortunately our rest was interrupted first by a dolgaunt and then interrupted again by 2 dolgrims. I really am tired and crabby and all I want is to destroy these damned aberrants!

We eventually enter into a room where a warforged was chained to a table of sorts with glowing letters that appeared to be draining his life energies. In this room are some damned cultists, a human warlock, a dolgaunt, and 2 of these other aberrations that resembled apes. It was a very long and hard fought battle. The warlock kept getting revived after hits that should’ve kille him because he was in another one of these circles. We massacered the cultists, foolish cultists should learn there place and just die! The dolgaunt was very tough. He attacked Tawar and was able to slide her down a gap in this stairwell that leads own. The impact killed her outright! Thagnar got tired of the warlock reviving himself and went and grabbed the warlock while he was still unconcious and threw him into the pit as well. I finished releasing the warforged from the chains and gave him a magical greataxe that we had been carrying for sometime. But, it was too late as yet another one of my comrades was attacked by this cursed dolgaunt and Thagnar was pushed over the edge of the pit as well by the dolgaunt! So ended the very strange life of a good comrade, h will be missed as well. At this point, my rage took hold and my desire for utter retribution took hold. 1st we took out one of the ape-like aberrations and then we turned our attention to kill off the dolgaunt, which we destroyed him! We finished off by killing the last of the ape-like aberrations. My anger had sweeled and so I decided to cut off the hea of the dolgaunt and keep it as a trophy for what it had doen to my comrades!



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