The Reports of 4

Report 3:

The party that the captain invited us to was very outlandish. Humans are so strange, they get dressed up for the littlest things. I prefer to stay in armor and have a weapon handy, too many times my brothers and I were attacked without warning. So we arrive and are shown around, than the speech, once again humans they like to hear themselves talk and tell tales of the adventures they have had. I only paid a little attention to what was said. And then guess what happened, of course we were attacked by some sort of mist demon, me and the sword one drive it off. I am starting to like this one he would make a good soldier. We go the the gnome school and try to find out some information but cant speak with anybody. The human remembers that the demons master must be near to cal the unholy beast. So we begin looking. The human tries to bully another of his kind, strange instead of asking he tries to scare or hurt people to get the information, a fight breaks out. I try to convince the others that fighting us would not end well, they don’t listen (humans). We defeat them. Next we ask some small humans, halfling’s I think they are called. They send us down a lift, into a trap. I try to let them know that fighting us would be bad, they don’t listen. I am getting tired of being attacked and decide to prove a point, they die, I throw a body back on the floor we left and tell the rest to change their life ways or I will be mad. We rest. We then go to the tower where the demons master is after trying to enter the towers fall down. Many fleshy’s die. We go to rest.



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