The Reports of 4

Report 2

The sword wielding one and me go down the stairs to find the bodies of his comrades and the leader of the cult. I feel bad the two had to die to rescue me but I will live on for them. Looking around we find books of evil and other things best left alone, but being that my new comrades are adventurers what do you think happened next. Of course we try to open some sort of sealed door, the point of a sealed door it to keep whats behind it there, ah well. Trying to pick the locks these wispy human things kept attacking me, they hurt. the avenger killed them good. We finally get the door open and find a dragonshard, now who would trap what is behind a locked door, yep, it was traped to release a bigger human wispy thing and a smaller one as well. After killing these things something strange happens. Everything looks older like months have passed. We head back upstairs to find the other one(the invoker) missing, he decided to stay upstairs and cover our backs, I hope we have not lost another one. Humans are so squishy, so easily damaged beyond repair. I dig a hole for the body on the strange looking one (some sort of woodsman). now time to go to the keep as it looks like it has been through a war. These little bug creatures attack us as well as more creatures of the eye. I am damaged and have to shut down. I awaken and find that we have won. We then find the avengers friend and two others. The one says you have helped me please come back to Sharn for a reward. I agree, need to find the rest of my squad. We arrive in Sharn and are given a room at a nice inn to await a party later. We decide to go to the mage school to try to learn what type of dragonshard we have found. A little gnome gives us trouble, avenger gets mad (he seems to do that a lot, humans). Gnome calls guards and we leave. But we go to mage at the school to help us. He is greedy wants gold to help us out, not sure if this is a gnome thing but avenger starts to get mad again. I say you help us you get gold, and give him some. Gnome is happy but needs to look into it some more he does not know what they are. I miss the war so much easier, kill enemies, stay alive, repeat. So we head back to inn to prepare for party.



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