Ok so all gnomes aren't bad, but Elven assassins are useless

4 and I just left from the lower levels of Scarn and each of us are completely covred in all the soot and dust from the falling towers. We first go to see what remains of the university and see if the gnomewas still alive or not. Unfortunately, the university is locked up in case more towers fell. We then decide to find the House Deneith captain to let him know what had transpired. The captain aat this House Deneith grounds wasn’t sure where that captain was or even if he’s still alive. I hope that he’s still alive since he wasn’t such a bad person. We then ask the captain where the nearest inn is so we can come bck in the morning and try to locate him.

We spent the night at the inn and woke up in the morning in get a fresh start and locate the captain from House Deneith. We were in the hallway and ran into an elf. He passed us the morning edition of the local news and, to my horror, we were labeled “persons of interest” for the destruction of the towers. I know what that means, since there weren’t any other suspects and since there were so many killed, 4 and I would be charged with the crime. The elf then passed us a note telling us to head to the lightning rail by noon or be stuck in Sharn to face trial and that the city watch of Scarn and the Church of the Silver Flame would put 2 and 2 together and they’d send the scion after us. I grabbed 4 and we first gathered up some supplies and then went to get a message sent to the gnome letting him know o a nearby town where we can retrieve any message of his. We also left a note at the nearest temple of the Sovereign Host to leave a trail for Oris to follow and find us.

We then boarded the lightning rail and were met by Errol, another elf. He informs us that we’re not going to go all the way o the town we’re supposed to be going to and that we’ll be getting off earlier. We exited off the lightning rail andfollowed him to a ship powered by an air elemntal and piloted by none other than Professor Famraz, the gnome from the university. He had survived and not only did he survive, but saved mine and 4’s life! He then told us that we were heading to Zolanberg to go to a mine where the Khyber dragon shards had been mined. He told us that if we were to find more pieces, he’d be able to figure out more about the dragon shards.He also informs us that we ave 5 days and if we don’t return, he’ll think that we died and if that wasn’t the case, for us to meet up with him elsewhere. In town, Errol gave me a map of the area with an “X” labeled where the mine was and an O that followed us as we went on the way. The map had Zolanberg and eveything within a 100mi radius of it.

We made our way to the mine and had only reached just the halfway poin in 2 days. There’s no way that we’ll be able to make it back withing the 5 days the professor had told us to. We came through a mountain pass and heard a commotion up ahead, like the sounds of a patrol. We decide to try and hide and ambush the patrol. Unfortunately this drake was able to smell me out and they were alerted to our presence. During the battle, 4 was knocked out as usual. For something made out of metal, he’s pretty fragile! And Errol was pretty ineffective other than to be a body shield ha! He’s older than me and I would think he’d be more skilled than he was! So we defeat this bunch and decided to rest up for the night. The next day, we continued our journey to the mine and came across another patrol, this one contained a bugbear and I decided for me and Errol to stand side by side so we wouldn’t have our flanks exposed and 4 decided to climb a bolder to get a better attack, I think it was so that he can avoid being knocked out again. So we see the bugbear approach and what does this sill elf do, he decides to open up our flank to try and attack the bugbear and, as usual, misses the creature. Now he has his flank exposed and gets surrounded by the bugbear and some goblins. I wonder how he lived as long as he has for his skills and mental capacity for tactics are woefully inadequite! We eventually defeat this band and make our way to the mine. We arrived at the mine to see it to be quite a busy place and now we have to make a plan as to how to get in.



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