My mind is finally my own!

We entered into a room with a trap that catches me and swords slice into me. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a net drops over me and cuts me. We then come into a room where there’s a female hobgoblin and a metal cobra. Prof Fomraz and the female hobgoblin start talking in goblin. I figure out that Prof Fomraz is lying after he finishes conversation with the hobgoblin and a battle ensues. Oris kills Errol by sending him onto a weak spot that I pointed out, on the catwalk and Errol falls into the pit of molten metal. Oris also pushes Fomraz into a melting pit. Fomraz emerges as some sort of dragon and with the Kyber dragon shards attatched to his body. The messed up part is that the shards have many eyes on them. I’m able to shake off the effects of being dominated mentally and my “worship” of the Lord of Eyes is finally O-V-E-R! As the battle raged on, as piece by piece of molten metal falls off of what was Fomraz, we see that he was actually a white dragon. We eventually kill off Prof Fomraz. We then decide to head Rhukaan Draal with the female hobgoblin. She gives us a crash course in the ways of the city. She also reveals her name is Jelia.



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