I absolutely HATE psychic eyes!!!

We were discussing how to go about going into the mine when Oris appeared with another Warforged. I like Warforged, they’re way better at keeping watch on a camp than having a dog do that since they require no sleep. But anyway, me and Errol decid to sneak off and try and locate another entrance to the mine area since we don’t want to go straight in and avoid unnecassary confrontations. We eventually find another possible entrance that’s just a little too small for us to fit, but if it can be widened, it’ll work. We go back and gather the rest of our group and lead them to the other location. 4 decides to use his axe to widen the entranceway while the rest of us get some rest. When we woke up in the morning, he had successfully made the hole large enough for us to go down. I decided to head down 1st, and upon reaching the bottom, signaled for the next person down. 8 came down and then after hame came oris. Unfortunately, with all the noise we had made comming down, we attracted the attention of one of this bug/lizard creatures and it attacked us. We were able to kill it off easily. But, more came and we fought hard until 4 appeared and helped us finish off the rest.

We listened for noise to help us figure out which direction to take and make our way in the direction of some clanging metal. We made our way further and further down into the mine. We ran into a pair of goblins behind a barricade and unfortunately one escaped to warn the rest. We eventually ended up in this room where there were several goblins behind barricades. I entered the room and with he might of the Silver Flame, I was able to slay 5 goblins. We quickly dispatched the rest of them. We then went through another doorway and came to an area where they had used mine carts as a barricade. I used the clockwork bomb that I had been carrying for quite some time and blew the cars up and killed off a couple of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears. We eventually came into this room where the slaves were penned up in a corner and there were 2 hobgoblins and 2 bugbears. We killed them off pretty easily. Unfortunately, my curiosity got the best of me and I found a secret panel. While I was trying to see if it was trapped, an eye popped out an used it’s powers to enter into my mind. Everytime I want to say Silver Flame, it comes out about this stupid eye cult! I’ve had my comrades tie my hands up and if this continues, I’ll have them gag me. I just hope the gnome may be able to figure out a way to free my mind!



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