Further into the mouth of madness

We entered in a room with a contraption with a glowing dragon shard. When suddenly it activated a bunch of broken warforged in various states of disrepair. Oris was able to figure out that the contraption was able to give the warforged new life and repair them and he also figured out how to deactive the contraption. After he did that, I was able to hop onto the contraption and break the mechanism holding another dragonshard and removed it from the contraption. Professor Fonramz was able to figure out another aspect of the contraption and was able to makeit heal 4 and 8. We then entered into a room where there was a ghost and he summoned up some undead. These were some nasty undead and once the head one was killed, the other remaining one wa destroyed. We continued on and came upon a room with some sleeping hobgoblins and one that was keeping guard. I tried to kill one of them while he was sleeping, but wasn’t able to put the killing blow on him. The others woke up and a battle ensued. One of the doors was busted open and more hobgoblins issued forth. We eventually killed them off.



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