Death Strikes

We continued down deeper into the cave system. We came across an area that seemed to suck out the essence of any light source. This inky blackness came out of nowhere and attacked Kolathis. I discovered that attacks infused with the power of the Silver Flame did moe damage to the creature. We eventually took the creature down, but it had done a significant amout of necrotic damage to us.

After killing the inky blak creature, we continued on and came across a floor that was made of flesh. I stepped in and was ambushed by more of those multi headed, multi armed freaks and another dolgaunt. To make matters worse, the floor has many mouths and tries to take a bite out of any of us that pass near them. We manage to defeat the three, multi headed things and the dolgaunt but we had taken amajo beating in the process. We should’ve rested up at this poin, but we decide to go on. Why, why do we decide to do this for the agony that we would meet in the next room!

In the next room, we see yet another dolgaunt and more of the cultists, the leader of the town and another roguish individual like we had met outside. The dolgaunt had the body of Cletus held up in his arms and threatene to kill him if we came in, but we decidd to enter to stop this evil. And true to his word, the dolgaunt broke the body of Cletus. So ende the life of Cletus the Coward. He probably didn’t even put up a fight and surrendered to them. My hatred of the dolgaunts had reached a new level at this point and I straightaway attacked the creature, but kept getting hit by the cultists, even on their deat throws, they’d lash out again and again with no regard for themselves. Eventually the dolgaunt fell. I then attacked the rogueish type and eventually he died as well. The town leader kept attacking kolathis and they went toe to toe and kolathis got knocked down a couple of times and I rushed to help him out while being quite injured. Then the leader knocked Kolathis down again and heturned his sights on Oris. I knew Oris couldn’t stand toe to toe with him, so I changed places with the leader and put myself in front of Oris. We eventually killed the town leader and with his final act, he knocked myself and Kolathis out. That was all I could remember until I was revived, only to learn that Kolathis had die from his wounds! Kolathis was a good comgrade and an excellent fighter! He will surely be missed!

When I awoke I found out that Oris and Thagnar gone into the room where the cultists where comming from. They had discovered some sigils floating in the air and had deduced that to stop the flow of cultists, they had to move the sigils around. Eventually they both succeeded in doing so. The remaing people in the coffins became normal people again. We exited the caverns to a heroes welcome!


A wonderful Homage!!!! The best writeup ever!!!!

Death Strikes

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