We headed down the stairs and saw the bodies of those that had fallen down the pit. We looked around and found a book written in Deep speach and one that translated that book into common. In it, it spoke of some sort of crypt in the room where we were in. we decided to search around the area and found a type of doorway that was protected with magics. Myself and Four, Oris had wandered off somewhere, tried to figure out how to open the door. We made some errors, but Four got the the worse penalty of messing up as he was zapped numerous times for unsuccesfully trying to pick open the various locks. Unfortunately, when he did fail, wraiths would appear. they wre pretty pathetic compared with the power the Silver Flame has given me to destroy their kind. I figured out that the way to unlock the door, without having anymore wraiths attack us, would be to finish this chant. After opening the door, Four went in and touched this very large Khyber dragon shard. When he did, anothe type of wraith appeared and attacked him. Four must have no god for his hits were doing miniscule damage whereas my hits, imbued with the power of the Silver Flame was devasting the wraith. We eventually defeated the wraith and then things got very weird. all the bodies, wood, and what not appeared more decayed as if it had been there for a long time, but to us it was only a couple of hours.

We then headed back up and exited the cave, only to discover that oris was missing and that things had changed on the outsid, as if a season had came and went. We rested and then headed to explore the keep. When we got there, we were first attacked by these bug creatures and two of those pathetic dolgrims. We also noiced people were chained up as well as oris. After dispatching our foes, we were able to free the the people. One of which was in a catatonic state and the other was a mercenary so he says, but I think he’s much more important than he leads on. There’s also another circle, but this one is blue and Four tries to decipher the writings. he learns something about 3 people destroying the eye or something like that, i wasn’t really paying much attention to him babling on, all I want is to take this eye out permanantly! So the guy we rescued offered to pay for passage for us to go to Sharn and once there, he even offered to put us up at a inn. This guy is awesome in my book, anything he needs help killing, I’m definitely in. he then also asks us to attend this ceremony the next day and we of course tell him we’d be honored.

We then decide to try and get info as to what these khyber dragon shards that we found are and also to sell off some of our loot, including equipment from Thagnar. I can’t believe that for someone as backwoods and into these animal spirits, this weirdo was walking around with some items that were worth some coin. We went to this university to try and figure out what the Khyber shards are and we were first directed to this office to make an appointment. Sitting in this office is this gnome and tries to tell us it’d be a month before we can see anyone and had a complte pompous attitude. I put some fear into him, but he was able to summon these ogre guards. After dealing with him, I think I now hate gnomes just a little bit less than psychics! We then go to one of the professor’s office, which is yet another stinking gnome and we’re able to get him to take a look at the shards. he says he needs more time with them and will let us know what he finds, I swear if he takes off with them or stiffs us, he’ll be one dead gnome real quick and I’ll place his head on the desk of the other, arrogant gnome!



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