Back into the mine

Well we eventually met back up with Prof Fomraz. We explained about our encounters with this stupid, I mean really awesome eye cult that we’ve been finding. I explained the dreams I’ve been having about my home being attacked by a black dragon and how, thankfully, it wasn’t destroyed. Prof Fomraz then decides that we must go back to the mine and see what’s going on. I also had taken the skull of the dolgaunt monk that killed Thagnar to have a taxidermist work on it. It’s a memento of how thi monk kicked his ass for daring to disturb him from important work! Had I known that Thagnar would dare to attack such a noble creature, I would’ve tossed him and his stupid spirit cat over the side of our airship! I also realized that I could find the remains of my master and have someone commune with the remains to find out more info on what exactly was the mission he wanted me to do and also, this could finally clear my name since I obviously didn’t kill him.

So we head back to the mine, only to discover that someone else has been here recently. To my horror, someone has defaced the great eye! Whoever did this will pay for it with their lives! We enter in and eventually come upon a group of hobgoblins. We eventually dfeated them and I was able to glean some information from the 2 that survived as to the approximate size and composition of the rest of their group. We decided to take a little rest before continuing on.



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